I wanted to share with you my booklist! This is a completely free book list for Charlotte Mason homeschoolers covering Civil War to Modern History for Form 3.

I will be adding more forms and history streams as I go along.

You are welcome to add to or take away from this book list and tweak it to fit your needs.

Most of these books can be found for free in the public domain or Amazon Kindle. You may also be able to find most of these titles at your local library.

Places to find cheap books if you’d rather buy them:

Free Book List for Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers Civil War to Modern History Form 3

This post may contain affiliate links which means I will receive a small commission if you click on my link and purchase an item. (At no cost to you.) I only promote things that I absolutely back & believe in. Read my full disclosure here.

Free Book List for Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers Civil War to Modern History Form 3



*You are welcome to choose any set of lessons your student needs to work on.


American/ World History

*The biography of Eleanor Roosevelt might be hard to find. You can sub-in another on Eleanor Roosevelt or pick one about Theodore Roosevelt.

Ancient History

Myths/ Tales

Read Aloud/ Alone:

You may choose your own favorite classics if you’ve already read these. Most of these titles can be found for free via Amazon Kindle shop.

Artist Study

Nature Study

*This can be substituted with any other nature notebook.

Science/Natural History

Christian History/ Bible

Parent Resources:

All of these resources are optional. These are the books I have and love to refer back to.


Choose one or use your own.


Foreign Language:



For those who need to brush up on their cursive or print.


Dictation should be taken out of books your child is currently reading. One – two paragraphs per lesson depending upon your child’s ability.

We keep a notebook for dictation work.

Composer Study

Famous Composers Year one or Ambleside Rotation.

Hymn Study

Ambleside Rotation

KJV Bible

NT: Proverbs, Esther

OT: Revelation (Take it slow as Revelation can be one of the more difficult books of the Bible to interpret.)

Bible Study or Devotion of Choice that matches your beliefs & values.

Plutarch & Citizenship


Plutarch’s Lives


  • The Story of David Livingstone
  • A Quick Introduction to the African Continent
  • Home Geography C.C. Long

Scheduling Your School Year

If you need help setting up a schedule for your school year, I highly recommend ADE scheduling cards. They are not free, but they are very affordable and worth every penny. They are sanity savers!

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