Free Charlotte Mason Math Curriculum can be hard to find. (Especially for upper grade levels.) In this post I’ve compiled a list of free math curriculum for grades K-12.

Here are a few articles on teaching math using the Charlotte Mason method:

Children’s Arithmetic

Home Arithmetic

Teaching Arithmetic

“Give him short sums, in words rather than in figures, and excite in him the enthusiasm which produces concentrated attention and rapid work. Let his arithmetic lesson be to the child a daily exercise in clear thinking and rapid, careful execution, and his mental growth will be as obvious as the sprouting of seedlings in the spring”

CM Home Education Volume 1 p. 261
free charlotte mason math curriculum

Free Charlotte Mason Math Curriculum

Mathematics Enhancement Programme 

Mathematics Enhancement Programme or MEP is a full curriculum from grades K-12.

Work and Play with Numbers 

Work and Play with Numbers can be used with children Grades 1-2.

School Arithmetics: Book One-three

There are 3 different levels covering grades 3-8.

Book one: Grades 3–4

Book two: Grades 5–6

School Arithmetics (Book 3)

Book three: Grades 7–8

Ray’s Arithmetic 

Ray’s covers all grade levels. These are old books, but it is a very strong math program.

Ray’s Arithmetic Video Lessons

This is a compilation of video lessons corresponding with Ray’s Arithmetic.

“Arithmetic is valuable as a means of training children in habits of strict accuracy, but the ingenuity which makes this exact science tend to foster slipshod habits of mind, a disregard of truth and common honesty, is worthy of admiration! The copying, prompting, telling, helping over difficulties, working with an eye to the answer which he knows, that are allowed in the arithmetic lesson, under an inferior teacher, are enough to vitiate any child; and quite as bad as these is the habit of allowing that a sum is nearly right, two figures wrong, and so on, and letting the child work it over again. Pronounce a sum wrong, or right—it cannot be something between the two.”

“Therefore his progress must be carefully graduated; but there is no subject in which the teacher has a more delightful consciousness of drawing out from day to day new power in the child. Do not offer him a crutch; it is in his own power he must go”

Charlotte Mason Home Education Volume 1
free charlotte mason math curriculum

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