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free charlotte mason math curriculum

Free Charlotte Mason Math Curriculum

Free Charlotte Mason Math Curriculum can be hard to find. (Especially for upper grade levels.) In this post I’ve compiled a list of free math curriculum for grades K-12. Here are a few articles on teaching math using the Charlotte Mason method: Children’s Arithmetic Home Arithmetic Teaching Arithmetic “Give him short sums, in words rather […] Read more…

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Term 3: George Frideric Handel Composer Study

Handel Composer Study Week 1 of the Handel Composer Study has optional notebooking pages that you can download. If you wish, you can skip over this option. Week 1: Watch :George Frideric Handel Biography Optional: Notebook Pages Week 2: Listen: European Union Baroque Orchestra – Händel: Conc. Gr. Op. 3 nr. 2, Ode for the Birthday of […] Read more…